Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why Kajabi Didn't Work For Me

Okay well maybe not for me personally but Kajabi didn't work for a client (that I was setting up). I'll go over how we decided on Kajabi, what we needed and why it didn't work.

I have been following all the internet marketing "gurus" for a while now. People like Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins and a few others. Not just following either, but buying and/or subscribing to their products. So while I am in the middle of a big project which involved converting a site to Infusionsoft (a story I will save for another blog post), I needed a replacement for the Viral List Machine sequence we were using. Viral List Machine is a free php based script that is basically a clone of Frank Kern's Good Karma List Machine.

While I was a member of Frank Kern's List Control, I noticed that his system (pre launch, launch, etc.) was run off of a platform that did a lot of cool things. The system turned out to be Kajabi but it was in a closed  beta. So I opted in to the standard "notify me when available" form for the beta and went about my way.

It just so happened that while I was looking for my Viral List Machine replacement (that integrated with Infusionsoft), I received an email along with the standard launch emails from all the guru's about how Kajabi was going to launch.

Here is what we needed from Kajabi:
Opt-in integration with Infusionsoft
Membership site
Time released content

Now, Kajabi does actually have all those features, but with the way that we needed them to all work together, that system didn't work for us.

The main problem was that I couldn't use Kajabi to allow free signups and integrate with Infusionsoft. It seems so simple but alas, it wasn't doable. For full disclosure, this problem was probably about a year ago and Kajabi may have updated their system to allow for this type of interaction. All the other features of Kajabi were pretty awesome and they built out a very robust system. I went with InfusionWP (now iMember 360) to do what I wanted to.

Do you use Kajabi? Does it work for you?
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