Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why Infusionsoft Doesn't Care About It's eCommerce Customers

It's really strange that a company so close to providing an all inclusive solution to small businesses would seemingly not put any effort into finishing the eCommerce portion of their product.

If you aren't familiar with Infusionsoft, they are a SaaS (Software as a Service) company. They provide a lot of really good tools for businesses. They have an amazing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and in the right hands, a company with a medium to large customer base could really boost profits using Infusionsoft. The list building, or data capturing tools they provide are great. Way better than Aweber but Aweber is also cheaper and is pretty much just for list building and sending emails to those lists. By the way, Aweber does those things really good. But this isnt about Aweber, I will save that for a different post.

So, let me state my case for why I think that Infusionsoft doesn't really care about their eCommerce customers.

Problem - The only integrated shipping API they use for real time rates is UPS.
If you have run an ecommerce store or sold a physical product online then you know that shipping options are a very important role in conversions.
Solution - Infusionsoft must integrate USPS and FedEx real time rates into its ecommerce system in addition to UPS..

Problem - They have a 10MB file limit for digital products.
So if you have a product in digital form, it better be less than 10MB.What if you sell a cd but want to offer it as a download too? Well you have to use a workaround, split the data into 10MB pieces. That is going to be a lot of files for your customers to download from you. The workaround I came up with works but it still sucks when a customer has to download 30 files to get the product they ordered.
Solution - Add more space. I am sure they could integrate with the Amazon cloud f they don't want to host all the data themselves.

Problem - No Google Analytics for the shopping cart.
Tracking what the visitors are doing on your site is big, like really big. If you run an eCommerce site, it's a requirement. Now Infusionsoft has a few different ways that you can implement their eCommerce system. If you use webforms for your customer to purchase, there is a way to enable Google Analytics in the "cart". I wont go into detail about their hosted store, if you use that then you are in trouble. You can also build your own site and then just use their cart, but that still sucks by the way, that's how I use their eCommerce system. So while the customer is on my site, I have Analytics data to see whats going on but as soon as the customer ads something to the cart and is taken off my domain then there is no data. So the workaround is to use funnels and different thank you pages.
Solution - Infusionsoft needs to pass the order information to the thank you page. Cmon guys, Google gives you everything that they need to have the info. Whats the problem here?

Problem - You cant offer free shipping based on order amount AND geographic location.
For example, I cannot offer free shipping to orders over $50.00 to customers in the U.S, that sucks. Since shipping overseas is so expensive, I cant just eat the cost. So all my cusomters in the U.S. miss out on a good deal.
Solution - Allow us to setup zones for criteria in which the free shipping based on order amount works off of.

Problem - Managing orders as a merchant sucks.
In any ecommerce system, there should be an order status.  Merchants need simple ways to see whats on backorder or how many canceled orders they had last month.
Solution - Usually an order status is something like Pending, Completed, Canceled, etc. and really, the merchant should be able to define and add the order status' that their eCommerce store uses. This was its easy to instantly see the status of an order or orders.

But.... but......but.....
Of course you could go API mode with Infusionsoft. Completely write your own shopping cart, including tying into UPS, USPS and FedEx. But if you have enough time and money to do that, you might not want to be using Infusionsoft. Or to take it a step further, sell the cart you created as an awesome eCommerce platform.

The problem is that Infusionsoft is still good, but it can be great!
I am not trying saying that Infusionsoft is a bad company. They have great support and again, their CRM is awesome. I just want to let them know that they have a big hole in their product. We all know that they have the means to provide a better eCommerce system. So why don't they? And dont give me the standard, "We are workign on it". I have seen those replies to customer questions in the Infusionsoft help area. Well, I used to be able to see them until Infusinsoft decided to change they way the community help section is organized. Now all the old questions and answers (and unaswers) are gone.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you have anything to add or argue over. Or you could just point out my grammatical errors and make fun of me, its all good.
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